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Information for potential ITFC or TFC foster parents
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Your help is needed right now…

Among the 19,000 children currently in the foster care system of Los Angeles, there is a special set of kids with more difficult behavioral and emotional needs. They need more love, more patience and more attention, and they need it delivered in a stable, supportive family setting.

Sadly, there are not yet enough families to meet this urgent need. Many children are being left out.


Meet Susan Griffin, proud TFC parent (click photo to see profile)

Thankfully, a new program called Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) offers hope for these extraordinary children with an energetic team approach where everyone participates: family, child, professionals and peers. Alongside the support a typical foster family would receive, TFC gives parents extra training, additional financial reimbursement and a professional support team available 24/7/365 all throughout the placement to help the child reach his or her potential.

Families who take TFC children are ordinary in many ways, but they are developing extraordinary skills through their ongoing commitment to helping children. They are truly Extraordinary Families.

Could you be one of these parents? Do you know someone else who might be interested? 

Please explore this site and consider becoming a TFC parent or acting as a volunteer who helps others accomplish this vital work. The children desperately need your help.



The Extraordinary Families Campaign
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